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Welcome to ISC Unlimited! This website will look quite different to our regular visitors. After almost 3 years of little to no updates, we're finally doing something about the travesty we called a website for so long. Though it is no excuse, we had been so busy with our workload and making OTHER websites that we never bothered to touch this one.

We are about to be reborn. Not just a new look but a new state of mind. We have restructured and been through quite a bit since we stopped our popular newsletter so long ago. We decided that the old site was plain and simply embarassing, hence why we are actively changing it (even though it isn't complete). Keep checking back to see how things develop. Even the page you're looking at right now will likely not be used in the final design.

Being there was quite a bit of information on our old site, I decided not to remove it entirely. You may access it from the link on the left. We hope to encorporate all the popular pages from it into the new site, in some form. We have not yet taken the time to fix anything that may get broken by simply replacing the home page. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will be working diligently to finish the new site.

You will also notice three new links on the left. "GuidoZ Realm" is a fellow computer security guru we've befriended through the Full Disclosure mailing list. We encourage you to check out his site! Interesting utilities and a great guy. The other links, "Computer Source NW" and "Computer Source IA" are links to the local computer repair shops in Washington and Iowa state. The store in Washington is run by Adrian Santangelo, founder of ISC Unlimited. The store in Iowa was founded by Adrian Santangelo and Sean Hostetter. (Sean Hostetter is the current owner and operator.)

Suggestions are always appreciated. Please note that our "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Use" pages have not been changed from the original design (if you can call it a design). We still stand behind both of them as we always have.

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